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Founder, Kim Jong-soo



WORLD SPEECH COMMUNITY is a non-profit organization that exists to improve human life.

WORLD SPEECH COMMUNITY's mission is to promote Culture and Art, Education, Knowledge, Language, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and Relief/Volunteer work.

We are working to expand the WORLD SPEECH COMMUNITY worldwide.

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2021 Nobel Peace Prize is for "The Freedom of Expression"

"You can make investments in WORLD SPEECH (including its domain) and its contracts for Global Portal, Music, CF/Project Brand Ambassador, and also support its donation and promotional activities."
To share the world's the freedom of expression, the Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44billion, Our WORLD SPEECH COMMUNITY is for Freedom of Speech, We Have "the Right to Know", and Politics is also an art of compromise.
South Korea-2022.9.25. The Law on the Guarantee of the Status and Rights of Artists (abbreviated as: Artistic Rights Guarantee Law)
[Enforcement 2022.9.25][Law No.18466, 2021.9.24.,enacted]

WORLD SPEECH Public Payment System/World System

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Zoom Meeting Room (ID: 729 688 7119)


Hello, I am the project manager of the "WORLD SPEECH, and WORLD MEDIA K (Family Co)" business project, which involves investments in safe government bonds(non-taxation of profits for foreigner) and the "World Speech" business domain.

If you are interested in investing with us and receiving investment proceeds, we can proceed with the project procedure upon signing a clear contract that states that all costs, fees, and charges will be paid overseas by the investor. However, if anyone asks us to send money abroad during the investment process, we will immediately stop the process due to the risk of scams.

Our contract includes the following provisions:
-. The project manager will not send any fees or costs abroad.
-. The contracted exchange rate at the time of investment will be applied to the foreign exchange rate.
-. The exchange rate on the date the fund manager invests the investment in the investment project is applied as the foreign exchange contracted exchange rate, and The foreign currency exchange fee for investing funds and returning the principal is deducted from the investment amount and the return amount, respectively.
-. The agreement takes effect immediately upon the project manager withdrawing the investment funds from the bank in Korea.
We have a law for foreign investments to protect investors and ensure that periodic returns and principals are securely transferred through banks. We can accept private investors or private companies (not corporate). We can also provide our project plan to help investors make confident investment decisions.
In order for an investor to make an informed decision, their agent (or themselves) must come to Korea with the following documents to start the investment process:
-. Original proof certificate of funds (Legalization/Consul, or Apostille).
-. A copy of the investor's passport (Legalization/Consul, or Apostille).
-. Agent's passport (original) and the original investor's Power of Attorney (Legalization/Consul, or Apostille).
-. Contract/original (our notarization).
-. Foreigner Investment Report (written in Korea and submitted).
If an investor cannot come to Korea, they can send us the necessary documents and we will proceed with the Foreigner Investments Report procedure in a Korea bank. The first important step is to submit the Foreigner Investment Report at the Foreign Exchange Bank of Yeosu-si.

To ensure a smooth process, these documents are absolutely necessary. Without them, it will be costly and difficult to work together as they would have to travel back and forth between Korea and their country several times, causing unnecessary delays.

If you would like to see a sample contract file, please email us at and we will send it to you.

Best Regards